CEO Message

"The key objective of UNIVA CAPITAL Investments Limited (the "Company") is to work with listed and unlisted companies in Japan and elsewhere which have good business potentials but may currently having inadequate financial management, succession problem or a lack of young and energetic management.  By injecting additional managerial resources to those companies, in the short term, we aim to save jobs and to turn around the business fortune, and in the longer term, to improve their performance so that the Company can have a decent capital gain. 

The success factors are

  1. to identify such viable opportunities, 
  2. to attract talents and to strengthen our managerial expertise, and 
  3. to work with the controlling shareholders who agree with our philosophies and strategies. 

Thus, it is not our policy to do hostile takeovers or to buyout trouble companies. We have a team of Japanese, Chinese and American professionals with expertise in sales and marketing, corporate finance, financial management and general management. We believe that with injection of managerial resources, many of the troubled companies can be turned around and many jobs and families can be saved.

The Company has invested in various projects and activities in Japan, United States and China and is actively working with various intermediates such as: bankers, accountants and lawyers for identifying further investment and work out opportunities.”

Toshihiro Tsuruta
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